After 80 young people astray by own website paid delete posts extortion

first broke the news on the Internet, and then exposed to the unit to get paid delete posts cost. 80 young Sally after graduating from the University of independent business website, originally is commendable, but far away, eventually violated the criminal law. Recently, Yanjin county court sentenced the accused guilty of the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on Zhang, sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, suspended for one year and fined 5000 yuan.

Zhang after graduating from college for others to do flash animation, architecture LAN, maintaining the site and other services to maintain livelihoods. By chance, Zhang and peer chat learned a "quick money" – a special channel website have a negative influence on the post, in order to find the exposure unit, the "paid delete posts", eliminate the influence. Zhang quickly set up a website called confession, to expose corrupt officials". By the end of 2009, Zhang posted a title on its website, Nanjing XX Hospital, Beijing XX Hospital somatic cell therapy of hepatitis B amazing insider. By the end of 2010, the hospital sent a message to Xiao Zhang, asked to delete the post, Zhang asked the hospital to delete posts fee 2000 yuan. The hospital did not pay to delete the post fee.

in the summer of 2010, he published on its website a title as "a county town Party Secretary drunk driving accident switch" post, after the town staff found that the post, Zhang asked to remove it, Zhang to the staff for delete posts fee 2000 yuan.

in the winter of 2010, Zhang issued a selection of cadres in a power supply company Tibet Maoerni "post on its website. At the beginning of 2011, the post broke the party found post, has 3 times the delete request Zhang, Zhang is not true in knowing that the post content, ask for delete posts fee of 2000 yuan, the parties failed to pay the fee and delete report.

court held that the defendant Zhang for the purpose of illegal possession, use of threatening property from others, the larger amount, his behavior constituted the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on. The defendant Zhang has already begun to crime, due to reasons other than the will but not succeed, is attempted, CF completed the crime can be punished more leniently. Yanjin county court then made the decision.