CO domain name registration open new suffix difficult way

July 20th, monkter began to provide ".Co" domain name registration services, after the ".Co" domain name has entered into the pre registration phase, currently in the Godaddy registration price is $29.9, or about 200 yuan, higher than the international domain name registration number ".Com".

".Co" domain name is the Internet domain name administration for the Republic of Columbia (ICANN The Republic of Colombia) top-level domain distribution in the countries and regions (ccTLD) as its national and Regional Internet top-level domain, is the domestic domain name investors become one of the "copycat" category domain name suffix king, and also by investors is ridicule ".Cm" and ".Cc" domain name suffix.

".Cm" domain name is known to be between com and CN domain name, was friends ridicule for the combination of Chang E and eight quit, some investors even registered CM domain name in order to gain profit, but the effect is not good. Similarly, the.Cc domain name is currently enabled and trading cases are not many, domestic investment in CC is still a minority.

synthesis, a new suffix domain name in the development process of the country there are many problems, and even the use of domain names and management of the implementation is not high. Such as ".Co" domain name, does not provide registration services in the country, but there are many defects in the field of foreign registered domain security risks, in order to promote their own set up a sad level in the country.

Chinese recently to push Chinese domain.Co domain name may be affected by the cold

". After China" domain name was written into the root domain, will be officially used in August, which indicates that, in August, at least for a period of time, the domain name is Chinese provides registration services "three fire" stage, in addition to some domestic mainstream domain, new domain name suffixes is to take advantage of inorganic.

in fact, the ".Co" campaign is unprecedented, but the domestic flat light, did not cause widespread concern. Domestic investors experienced before ".Cm" and ".Cc" as a kind of new domain name suffix, is soon sinking down, flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, now the new domain name suffix ".Co" was officially opened, will only make investors more cautious wait-and-see attitude.

new suffix domain names are suitable for risk protection is not suitable for investment

20 ".Co" domain name registration after the opening, overnight, the registered amount of nearly 200 thousand, some investors have ridicule.Co domain name can create a cottage site, you may register a profit…… But, the application of a new domain name on the Internet and many sites are isolated, so that Internet users not easy to identify the authenticity of the site, for Baidu, the search will be included in the station will also bring great influence on copycat sites, there is no flow of copycat website, even "doubt" copycat sites. The true value of

and where?

21, CEO China renamed Kong Dejing at micro-blog.