Buy the industry to drive the night navigation website boom overnight

group purchase website "thousand melee" situation has not yet ended, group purchase site navigation "battle fight" began to smoke. As the group purchase website information collection and integration, but also for the group purchase consumers with convenient and fast initial navigation station group purchase entrance, but there is no lack of supervision, the audit bent solely on profit, etc., may indirectly become some bad group purchase website "".

According to incomplete statistics,

Internet consulting agencies, as of the end of July 2010, the number of group purchase website has been close to 1000 Chinese. Reporters yesterday search buy navigation has been found to reach nearly a hundred. Visible, buy site crazy, has led to buy navigation website prosperity. Buy navigation network is generally used in the home page of each of the 4 grid navigation buy site text and pictures, but also the use of each line, a clear navigation page design.

but the reporter also found that, due to the low threshold of technology and capital threshold, the vast majority of navigation sites are one site, and even no ICP filing. Some sites in order to pursue short-term interests, the use of PPC, will not even know the name and even the risk of a large group of sites, placed in a more obvious position to attract consumers to click into.

in 1039 with the purchase of President Xu Xiangdong in an interview with reporters said: "this is some group purchase navigation website, is irresponsible to consumers, is not responsible for the network group purchase industry. The lack of the necessary audit mechanism and restraint mechanism, in the event of the emergence of 1288 buy network so that the consumer’s money, but not the event of delivery, will cause harm to consumers, the integration of the industry is a blow."

buy navigation website group leader Shi Xuchang think, to bring convenience to consumers buy navigation network, it should be included in their own website to buy the site is necessary to investigate and audit. From the current market, group purchase website has started the first round of reshuffle, navigation website of its own basically do not sell products, only rely on the group purchase website to profit, so the competition will be more intense, reshuffle soon."