The public security organs to investigate 39 nternet rumors pass rumors in accordance with the law July 20 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Luo Yufan) 20 reporter learned from the police department, along with the deepening of China’s anti-corruption struggle, the recent individual users deliberately concocted to confuse the public, some disturbing vicious rumors, extremely bad social impact. At present, the public security organs according to the masses, have the law on the 2 in the online fabricating, spreading rumors netizens criminal detention, and 37 fabricated and spread rumors netizens to be punished and education admonition.

investigation, in July 15th this year, Beijing netizen named Ma, Hainan users BAE has Sina micro-blog have released called tomorrow morning on the implementation of the arrest XXX? Just see the message from Beijing to Shanghai has military control over ";" Shanghai comprehensive inbound and outbound flights delayed due to catch someone in order to prevent someone run away or recalcitrant, it the military exercises in the name of the airport to the blockade ". The rumors spread on the Internet, causing a lot of Internet users attention and anxiety, resulting in adverse effects. The public security organs quickly carry out the investigation, according to the relevant laws and regulations, to Ma, BAE criminal detention.

according to the bulletin, the public security organs of the 37 topics on the Internet by combating fabricating facts, fabricating and disseminating defamatory rumors information users are to be punished and education admonition.

public security departments to remind the majority of users: the use of the Internet rumors, spread rumors behavior seriously disrupted social order, affect social stability, public security organs in this regard will be dealt with according to law, the majority of users want to abide by the laws and regulations, do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors, rumors promptly report found that social order to maintain a healthy network environment and good.