was a Taiwan 55 la net investors inject 6 million

since the outbreak of the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States, has gradually transformed into a financial crisis and then developed into a global financial tsunami, triggered a global panic. In our country, the economic development also appeared exhausted situation, especially the anti risk ability of small and medium-sized enterprises, is in a hitherto unknown crisis, while the IT industry is constantly downsizing, news of the collapse.

although experts have repeatedly stressed that the economic crisis, the Internet will be greater than the risk of danger. But for the vast majority of small and medium sites, this argument seems too optimistic, the economic downturn, tight funding, venture capital have to shrink the front, is not conducive to the development of small and medium sites. However, according to reliable sources, I dragnet (55.la) won a Taiwan investors inject 6 million, the funds in the financial turmoil is timely assistance, it cannot do without me by virtue of its advantage and Xiamen unique geographical position.

advantages: generation as the first free online photo site, the rapid development of the net has been deeply attracted the attention of the world. Because the website position clear, simple and convenient to use, and the most exquisite images generated free, so in a short time quickly gathered a large number of owners, but also attracted many well-known enterprises set up the eye, after half a year, I will have net Ali and her mother, and Taobao, Tencent Comsenz cooperation, to provide technical support. Today, the number of members of my net has more than 220 thousand, the PR value of 6, more than 5 million 580 thousand times the image generation.

Xiamen advantage: professionals in Xiamen and Taiwan this analogy: Xiamen and Taiwan are good partners in the future, Taiwan is the "lobby" Xiamen "kitchen". Taiwan enterprises a high degree of internationalization, to Japan, Europe and the United States, they are more likely to pick one, then to Xiamen to pick up a single to OEM, like Taiwan and Xiamen is the kitchen is the lobby.

Taiwan 23 counties in half of the Computer Association joined the "Xiamen – Taipei science and Technology Industry Association, the association of Taiwan, covering information communication, IT more than 5000 enterprises, in their eyes, Xiamen is the first choice of their investment in the mainland. This can not be separated from the following reasons:

1, Xiamen municipal government attaches great importance to the Taiwan high-tech industry transfer of high-tech industry to take a series of incentives to support policy, and introduced the project of software park, Xiangan Torch Industrial District Zhuchaoyinfeng, opened a new page for the development of Xiamen software and information technology services industry.

2, Xiamen and Taiwan economic and trade exchanges frequently, every year in Taiwan created a platform for cross-strait communication and cooperation fair electronic industry enterprises, experts and scholars, Taiwan industry electronic industry of Xiamen a better understanding of the situation.

3, Xiamen and Taiwan geographical advantages, the 2001 opening of the Xiamen Kinmen is a direct gold line, money saving, time-saving and labor-saving, provides conditions for the talents of Taiwan science and technology enterprises frequently between the two sides. For example, an optical mold needs to back to Taiwan, go to "fix" the day you can direct Kinmen, – >