Video barrage site Acfun to restore access to the domain name was hold

renamed China ( July 18th news, reported earlier this month that the DDoS attack was unknown, accessing the fault video barrage site Acfun. The official domain name and domain name registrar is to stop parsing nets yesterday afternoon, unable to access. Currently, the site has been restored to visit, but the domain name is still displayed as clientHold, or with the domain name whois information cache.


: Video barrage site Acfun

it is understood that the AcFun is Chinese, a major ACG on the barrage video sharing site, referred to as AC or A station, is one of the most popular video barrage website in china. While the AcFun does not provide any audiovisual upload service, all video content from Sina, Tencent podcasts, Youku and other domestic video sharing site provides public resources referenced, and get the video through informal way.

diagram: Whois information

yesterday users micro Bo said, July 17th is really a terrible day. Hippocampus sister graduation, Ma friends altar closed, Acfun domain name is stopped by the registrar. That "Chinese whois query system, domain name is still a clientHold for the domain name registrar for all, it is not known when the domain name is hold, is still with the video resources domain registrar misoperation on compliance.

4 pm yesterday, Acfun suffered a short visit, micro-blog official responded that "the big aunt good pain, so the monkeys rescue", which users have said, "can save well, heard that the domain name has not resolved?", "the master can temporarily use TV, domain name." a station B station far away,

? "

at present, for the video barrage site Acfun domain name is hold, no official response to this incident. As small before the deadline, the official domain name and can be a normal visit.