The affair website leaked information to be drawn derailed containing 50 thousand city map


affair website leaked information to be drawn off map members in 50 thousand city. Red dot represents the proportion of male and female users is greater than 85%, yellow point represents the proportion of male and female users less than 85%. (WEB screenshot)

map of some parts of asia. (WEB screenshot)

cities in Europe, Africa and the United states. (WEB screenshot)

international online Zhuangao: according to the Spanish newspaper "" ABC reported on August 23rd, the world’s largest affair website "Ashley · Madison (AshleyMadison) recently attacked by hackers, hacker attack sites revealed a large number of members of the team in the registration information, including personal email address and credit card information. The day before, a Spanish technology company Tecniló GICA; using these leaked data draw a map of the world contains a global 50 thousand "disloyal city".

according to the Spanish Tecnilogica company data show that 48 countries in the world’s more than 50 thousand cities have registered on this site as a member of the public, of which male members accounted for 8. Technical director Juan pointed out: in order to complete this map, the staff selected more than 10 registered members of the city as the object of study." It is reported that the company in the download of this leaked by hackers customer information, the user’s personal information has been cleared, only to retain their location in the city.

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Tecnilogica revealed that in Brazil, St Paul City, 340 thousand people have registered an affair website, has become the world’s most unfaithful marriage city. Followed by New York (260 thousand users) and Sydney (250 thousand users). In Spain, the capital of Madrid is the highest rate of derailment of the city, there are 130 thousand users, almost another big city of Barcelona city times.

in addition, Tecnilogica released the top 10 women derailed the city rankings show that the United States accounted for most of the city’s position, in the forefront of California. In Japan, India, Brazil and South Africa, the number of women registered users is far more than men.