Former director of the Bureau of network communications management


State Administration of radio, network communication management department, former director Yang Peihong

Justice Network Beijing on 12 February,

(trainee reporter correspondent Gao Xin Ren Lixin) the State Administration of radio communication network management director Yang Peihong original, suspected of using his position to facilitate the handling of domestic TV video on demand business license bribes 40 thousand yuan. Reporters learned that, Beijing City, Xicheng District procuratorate recently to the prosecution of bribery to Yang Peihong court of Xicheng District.

Yang Peihong is a 42 year old Zhejiang Wenzhou, with the university culture, former director of State Administration of Radio Film and television network audio-visual program management department of network communication management office, responsible for network television, video on demand cable television services, information dissemination of audio-visual programs in the network management.

according to prosecutors, the end of 2007, Yang Peihong served in the administration of radio network communication management office director during the use of his office in charge of domestic TV video on demand business license approval, accept a two television related staff of the trust, for their benefit in the license approval, accepting the two units of work the staff cash 20 thousand yuan. Yang Peihong will be money for individual securities investment, profits for daily expenses.

prosecutor handling the case, told reporters that with the rapid development of China’s network information, the right to exercise the power of network information dissemination management audit authority is particularly important. The investigation on the network information dissemination to the field of personnel management has the role of warning and education can better promote the relevant departments to improve the relevant approval management system and mechanism.