College students to develop the first e commerce third party credit aggregation platform

online trading "Li Kui", "Li Gui" the enemy, when it can have a "mirror" to help buyers identify the authenticity? The day before, Shanghai Ocean University graduate Cai Qi led his entrepreneurial team, overcome obstacles, developed the world’s first third party e-commerce network credit aggregation platform, let the network credit have "fake weapon". Today, the technology has been successfully applied in a number of Taobao, eBay and other e-commerce platform demonstration, software products have achieved sales revenue of $10000 per month.

Cai Qi has been keen to innovation of science and technology, University Computer Science and technology professional, entered the school, there is a "from network security to earn ‘gold’ dream". Soon, the network seller credit difficult to distinguish between true and false "this phenomenon has locked his eyes. At present, domestic and foreign e-commerce third party credit rating system is still blank, the demand is immeasurable, why not when the "eat crab"?


business development team, through the software design, the same person will be distributed on the Internet e-commerce platform credit data collected, statistical analysis, the formation of aggregation credit, and display in the third party platform. In this way, not only to increase the credibility of online credit, but also get through the platform of the credit system, and gradually establish a credit aggregation across the network. Easy to do it is difficult to think of, to achieve this goal, the obstacles – the authenticity of the identity of the seller to confirm, online transaction security, to eliminate malicious brush credit, transaction data storage and so are difficult. Team hard work, and finally make the vision come true, and for which the core technology to apply for three national invention patents. Shanghai science and technology consulting center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, science and technology novelty search shows that the project comprehensive technology in the country in the lead, and reached the international advanced level.

graduated from the university two years ago, Xiao Cai response to the country to encourage the university technology business call, university students in Shanghai science and technology venture fund and technology development fund support, with these new technologies, "the sea", launched the Kamimi Masuke Information Technology Co. Ltd ", and by virtue of technology to establish third party credit system. Now, the new system has been applied in the demonstration of, pat Network, eBay three e-commerce platform, online sellers credit entry has 1 million 340 thousand, the basic coverage of the shop in our country the majority of the online sellers. Buyers as long as the login third party platform –

is the tiger network, you can find the seller’s comprehensive credit, online trading more than a security gate". In the credit platform registered sellers will put their credit information polymerization high "hanging" in the shop, as "a gilded signboard" buyers for reference. So far, the seller has released the platform credit chain has exceeded 1 million.

young entrepreneurial team did not stop. In order to further improve and expand the third party credit system, the team has begun to research and development, purchase treasure and anti-counterfeiting treasure". Purchase treasure is to allow the organization to streamline the online shop more streamlined, so that more convenient purchase. The security treasure is the third party platform for the shop to provide electronic goods quality