Talk about the nternet Co that made a lot of money

introduction: the Internet trading platform, trading platform A5 Witkey pig, Wenwan coin transactions are hundreds of billions of transactions in the industry website, the Internet industry is very profitable, this is an indisputable fact, in addition to BAT has long been known in the company, there are some companies, they do not need to rely on funding, low-key coining.

grilled a steak with what the sound of the big fat Internet Co……

Jinshan cheetah


compared to know almost open BAT, others cheetah in the overseas market has earned more than not. Domestic Internet Co, sea and stand firm, the cheetah is absolutely in the first echelon.



this company, seemingly still in the B round, the whole company seems to be one or two people on it, but for doing overseas business is too famous – APUS.

sugar bean square dance


sugar bean network, designed to do aunt square dance, there are a large number of online courses teaching video, by selling square dance costumes and other money. Listen to the investment of the students said that the annual income of tens of millions, do not need financing.



may not call it the company, because it is from the creation of a long time only one person, the founder had worked 16 hours a day, reading a large number of Internet content, and choose a few articles to their site by forwarding Facebook and other social networks.

Viralnova once ranked more than and 300 Alexa traffic, and the other to do a quick chicken soup content buzzfeed almost (buzzfeed there are many employees). Simple and rude way of profit, is the site of the Google Adsense advertising, said to be a few million dollars a year income. I heard the recent valuation of $100 million

Plenty of Fish


was the first to be told by a Belgian dude, saying that the above can be easily made with Chinese easy girl cannon. This company Alexa ranked more than and 500, only one person, this person is more cattle than the founder of viralnova, because he only work 2 hours a day, every day for half an hour to see the advertisement and made many million dollars. Some time ago the site was purchased at $575 million.