12306 tickets for the first time Alipay paid access time can be fast to 5 seconds

Beijing daily news (reporter Sun Lizhao Intern Lu Yishan) train ticket payment finally joined Alipay in the arms. Beijing Daily reporter learned from relevant departments of the railway, from now on, Chinese railway customer service center 12306 website Alipay account service function test run on the line, this is the first opening of the railway system of the third party payment ticket service. Beijing Daily reporter found that the actual experience, although the third party payment ticket to the normal channels, but before the Spring Festival peak ticket, Alipay is bound to face exams.

at present, users buy train tickets at 12306 sites, a total of ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, China UnionPay, bank card and Alipay eight payment options. Beijing Daily reporter found that experience, the new Alipay settlement and taobao.com shopping process, users simply click on the "Alipay" Alipay account and payment, enter payment password, you can complete the payment by Alipay, and the whole transaction process, users do not need to pay any fee.

according to the Beijing Railway Bureau responsible person, through the success of Alipay to buy train tickets to the user in the process of change or refund, consumers can not get tickets through the 12306 site or to the station window for a refund check or change refund procedures, have taken to passenger ticket to the station window related formalities. In addition, the refund will be returned to the real-time users Alipay account, no cash back, while Alipay will send a confirmation message through 95188 refund.

previously, 12306 only to support the use of a certain number of banks to pay online banking, payment is very limited, not only to pay the slow speed, refund time is also longer. Bank card refund for up to 15 working days. The use of Alipay, users do not need to open online banking can rely on fast payment, the balance of the balance of treasure and three kinds of payment, payment time can be fast to 5 seconds, and support real-time refund. Alipay relevant responsible person said, the railway system for the first time in support of the third party payment platform, Alipay access 12306 website will further enhance the efficiency and stability of train ticket sale payment link capacity.

however, the purchase of train tickets, the biggest difficulty is not to deal with the means of payment and solve the ticket congestion. Although Alipay has more than 1 million pens per minute the load capacity of the system, but each of the "double 11" promotion period, pay the congestion is not uncommon. Some consumers fail to pay for their favorite products. According to statistics, the 2013 Spring Festival railway transport passengers over 200 million passengers, of which about 40% of the train ticket sale site by 12306. The industry is expected that this ratio will increase this year, when Alipay is able to bear the pressure of the spring is a mystery.

Beijing Jiaotong University Institute of management professor Zhao Jian

said, "Alipay has a huge amount of customers, it would make the network more convenient ticket". Railway Customer Service Center teamed up to Alipay, reflected in market reform process, the railway times >