Purchase of the city to add a car rental platform to the spring yet


December 15, 2013, the city of Tianjin announced the implementation of the passenger restriction + limit line policy: from 16 0:00, the implementation of the combination of free Yaohao and paid bidding restrictions on motor vehicle license measures. For consumers in Tianjin, this is undoubtedly the most cold black Sunday. On the night of the day, these consumers in Tianjin city by car, many 4S stores inventory of vehicles even sold out point.


international car purchase city increase car platform business opportunities

up to now, China has issued the purchase of the car policy city for a total of three, the first two are: in December 23, 2010, Beijing became the first city to release the purchase of the car; in June 20, 2012, Guangzhou announced the quota management of small and medium-sized passenger car. China’s auto purchase of the city gradually increased, there are two main reasons: 1, to solve the problem of traffic congestion; 2, improve air quality.

these policies like a bolt from the blue to Car Buying consumers, a platform for car rental business is. This article refers to the car rental platform including idle resources integration platform and vehicle rental platform.

automotive resources integration platform for the rise of the traffic problems have brought the gospel

ZephyrCar is an American start-up car rental car rental companies, compared with the two Uber, it is unique in that the car rental is not as production tools, car users can rent a car at ZephyrCar, and then drove a rented car to Uber, SideCar, Lyft and other car rental platform, become the platform registered drivers to provide services to consumers.

the United States has 250 million private cars, but these cars are idle for an average of 22 hours a day. ZephyrCar will be used to improve the utilization of these idle resources, in order to get the maximum benefit, which is similar to the real estate rental companies idle resources Airbnb model. Visible, idle resource sharing has gradually become a trend, in addition, this model can also ease traffic congestion, parking spaces, as well as poor air quality problems.

with the existence of a large number of idle vehicles similar resources, Chinese also have the same problems, therefore, since the Singapore PP car team to enter the Chinese market, to provide a platform for the supply and demand of idle car owners and car rental passenger source.

low carbon behavior carpooling platform to bring new opportunities to

in recent years, our country has been advocating low-carbon travel, carpool was as a travel carbon reduction technique of. AA carpool, rainbow carpool network to seize opportunities to enter the consumer perspective, the AA network has more than 430 users carpool carpooling, these carpool improve vehicle utilization, thereby reducing carbon emissions up to 2 million 100 thousand tons per year.

in addition, carpooling can also relieve the traffic pressure. For example, morning and evening peak, if a person driving a car, congestion will be very serious