Tencent to enter the film industry BAT collective shock movie future in the nternet

Following the acquisition of Ali

cultural China, into the film and television industry, BAT three giants in the Tencent also announced plans to enter the film industry. In June 17th, the Tencent announced the launch of the video "film program, will help a villain do evil" investment "Zhong Kui demon this year:" Snow Demon daimon and 6 films, the Tencent to join, marking another Internet giant to enter the film market.

Tencent: through the derivatives industry bigger film market

"we also repeatedly ask myself, why should participate in the film?" yesterday’s conference, vice president and general manager of Tencent Tencent online video Sun Zhonghuai asked and answered: "because as a video site involved in television, video is very normal, but the film is particularly high risk."

seems to Tencent, China’s film market is expected to grow by three or four times, the impact of the Internet and the film, not only will bring greater movie box office, in derivatives and other markets also have imagination.

at present, the United States, Japan and other markets, the box office revenue accounted for only about 30% of total revenue, and this index in the country more than 90%. "Related derivatives can at least make a market that is similar to the box office." Sun Zhonghuai believes that Tencent will accelerate the development of the market.

Sun Zhonghuai said, the Tencent’s WeChat platform has a wide range of social groups and active chain, and coverage of the games, video, media, literature and other fields, these are the development of the movie industry foundation is derived. In the future, Tencent will consider investing in movies related to the game, literature, music, virtual goods, goods, etc..

BAT has all entered the film industry

Tencent is not the first Internet Co to enter the film market. In March this year, Ali spent HK $6 billion 244 million acquisition of 60% stake in China culture, and culture Chinese announced that the company intends to renamed Ali pictures.

in addition to the acquisition, Ali also through entertainment treasure way to invest in a number of movies. Entertainment treasure 73 million yuan of the amount, to invest in the small time of the year and many other movies, in June this year launched the entertainment treasure of the two phase, and will vote for the movie, and the third phase of the investment will be Oriental TV program. Ali has said on the Beijing News, as a platform for Internet Co, Ali to enter the cultural media industry will also be committed to build platform to cut into a relatively unique way.

BAT which Baidu has also been involved in the film industry. According to foreign media reports, in February of this year, Baidu CEO Robin Li invested in a film production company in Losangeles. The first project will create a movie called "monkey" 3D animated film, a US $40 million budget. Yesterday there is news that the industry, Baidu may launch a the congregation for the film market at the end of July to raise the project.

strong involvement of the Internet, has made the traditional filmmakers feel worried. Many industry insiders have said that the future of BAT will become the three giants of the film industry. Shadow world