Brand protection long journey look at how to protect the domain name Ali Google arbitration

renamed China ( August 13th news, recently, Tesla to let this settlement toss more than a year of trademark infringement case perfect ending, do so to take under the brand name. When the brand domain name accidentally fall into the hands of others, the court of appeal and the application for arbitration has become a means to safeguard their own rights and interests of the terminal. So in the long journey of brand protection, Alibaba, Tencent, Google, YAHOO, apple, Microsoft and other Internet giants have recaptured the domain name?

Alibaba arbitration regain multiple brand domain name

figure: Ma

is well known, Alibaba is one of the most valued brand domain name protection companies, founder Jack Ma is well aware of the importance of domain names. Back in the early days of Ma, its limited funding from entrepreneurship, came up with a small amount of money to buy the domain name And after the expansion of the territory of the road, Alibaba also implement this brand of domain name protection spirit, through a series of overseas arbitration, take the "Alibaba", "Ali mother of" and "Taobao" brands such as the domain name

emerging new top-level domain is also focused on the protection of the object, the Alibaba, Alibaba has successfully won back,, the number of different suffixes of new top-level domain, once again expand the protection ring brand domain name protection.

Tencent arbitration brand domain start fast

figure: Tencent

and Alibaba’s competitors, one of the big three BAT Tencent, is also valued brand domain name protection. Last year, Tencent overseas acquisition of high priced domain name, and set up the official website of WeChat after the overseas version, immediately on the WeChat domain name to start, in order to win the dispute arbitration domain name In this year, Tencent has also launched 4 dispute domain name arbitration proceedings, and successfully won.


the "Yahoo" domain names on

figure: YAHOO

as the largest shareholder of Alibaba, YAHOO in the domain name protection is not inferior to Alibaba. Only in the first half of this year, YAHOO launched dozens of domain name arbitration applications, and successfully recaptured the,, and other several Yahoo class domain name.

all the "Yahoo" or YAHOO’s business related to the combination of domain names and typo domain names are YAHOO’s application for arbitration