Group purchase website full competition reduced interest in venture capital

30 group war left behind what

studio 30 thousand group purchase website lead to recover arrears crisis thinking

Nanfang Daily (reporter / Ma Xisheng) at the end of last year, group purchase website Groupon in Dongguan’s business manager "disappeared", a photography Floor Houjie town was owed $30 thousand payment at the beginning of this year, two Beijing debt collection photography shop manager.

group purchase for consumers, is a revolution of consumption, low-cost homes will be able to buy from the group purchase website service. But buy the site recently let the public a little trouble". Groupon traced overdue businessman knot money later, almost all the media "cold reflection of group purchase". The reporter found in the interview, group purchase website through the crazy development of the previous two years, the most famous sites currently facing no capital financing dilemma, and excessive competition between the group purchase website, let the VCs invest more cautious.

buy site is not too good

once booming Groupon "collection", the reason is that the cash strand breaks. For the group purchase website around attack cities and capture territories, root fracture is the group purchase website cash chain is expanding too fast, excessive reliance on venture capital, the high cost of publicity.

Ao Bin, general manager of the Network Service Co., Ltd. Dongguan poly network, told reporters last year, the well-known group buying site of nearly 80% of the funds for advertising

. Ao Bin gathered at the beginning of the network also joined the army to buy.

is well-known well-known group purchase website, is through a massive propaganda campaign, VANCL’s success to the group purchase website too much confidence. Failed to succeed in financing to join the ranks of the group to buy the site, and even can not wait for people to remember their names in a flash.

last year, taking Dongguan group purchase site once close to 30, now consumers can name no more than 5. Last year, the handle network invited Ge You endorsement, Ge You holding hands, smiling ads in the bus station in Dongguan, the body and the building video everywhere.

buy a lot of expensive advertising sites from venture capital, the group’s treasure network CEO Ren Chunlei had complained that the reason lies in the funding strand breaks are reluctant to continue to give money vcs. Ren Chunlei has reluctantly said in an interview: "in the first half of last year (VCS) money urging you to accelerate the expansion of the second half of the money, you do not threaten layoffs will not give money." Ren Chunlei also sourly added: "this proves the nature of speculative capital."

not only encountered such a problem spring, almost all of the country to buy the site has emerged the fact that the venture capital investment, this year, the site’s advertising suddenly fade out of people’s vision.

buy site competition white hot

at present, the other reason is that the group buying site is difficult because they are popular in the field of white hot competition. Movie tickets buy is an example.