Famous film critic website suddenly closed or because of sharp comments

is currently unknown, the site of the film to professional, sharp known

Nandu news website "time" (http://s.mtime.com/) recently suddenly closed, caused many users to guess and remember, there are users that may be the time net sharp comments style leads to the fate of being shut down.

14 this month, the time network suddenly closed. At first a few days, the site also has the word "system maintenance", after which the domain name can not be completely resolved. This means that the opening of the 6 year long time network, was closed for unknown reasons.

time network "critics under the banyan tree", gathered a group of professional and hardcore critics, writers, critics noted for professional, sharp, full of water on the part of the film in some mainstream website touted, time network become the rare film "comment gun" in the not recommended platform website.


net "Cup" is not the case, last year, in the domestic professional fans in the same popular movie information, sharing website IM D B comments Chinese network have been closed, and many illegal download sites have been stopped is different, IM D B Chinese network and time network did not have any illegal download and watch online behavior.

time network was closed, triggered a strong reaction among users. Some netizens spontaneously established called "energy-saving" website, for the time "time network cannot access in a title, what are you doing" post, someone replied: "every time, is already a part of my life, feel like what things the."

After the

time network was closed, fans vary. Supporters argue that it is the golden period of the development of the domestic film, also made the film most in need of protection, and time net advertised "professional" website, has gathered many "meet domestic film sharp criticism of the critic, published a lot of criticism of the domestic film article, this is undoubtedly a damage to the vigorous development of the domestic film. But there is also opposition voice said, excessive protection often means flattery, domestic movies in recent years did not do a downward trend, a number of photographs, empty box office for domestic film full screen, this realistic criticism should be, otherwise what made the film progress. (power off)