The pain was behind the fake face suspended member Ali

13 last month, Alibaba announced a high-profile international anti fake Alliance (IACC). Just a month since, including Gucci, Tiffany, at least three members from other members of the alliance, also threatened to quit in protest. And just last week, IACC suspended a newly established member category, which involves Alibaba, explained that the suspension is because some members of the concerns".


First look at the popularity of

, IACC was founded in 1983, headquartered in Washington, is a special anti fake and shoddy products international non-profit organization, it was originally for the protection of intellectual property rights by a small company launched, has now become a growth from more than and 40 countries, owns more than 250 members of the brand.

these brands, shoes and jewelry industry up to 27, followed by the same number of entertainment media industry (13), science and Technology (12) and (12) luxury brand.

Why did

join IACC?

Alibaba to join the international anti fake alliance, is a forward to actively promote the development of international fake business attitude. Can cooperate directly with all members of the joint brand counterfeiting, but this shows Ali fake sincerity, do not wish to become a platform for people to fake, not to fake image, but will have to come up with fake attitude. At the same time, the direct cooperation with major brands can optimize the rights process, the key is to maintain the core interests of the size of the brand side.

unfortunately is strongly opposed by many brands, is the first American light luxury brand Mike · Kors withdrew from the alliance, and said the Alibaba is the most dangerous in the fashion industry, and later Italy fashion brand Gucci and American jewelry brand Tiffany has also announced its withdrawal from the anti fake alliance. Finally, the International Union cancelled fake Ali membership.

fighting measures of


said the fake, believe everybody is very hate, but as a dead house, small early naturally from time to time the purchase is not the heart of things, if the quality is almost even, fear most is spent a lot of money to buy the copycat goods.

but I have to say, my big Chinese copycat goods not comparable to others? It’s a most incisive a superb collection of beautiful things…… From this group of data can be seen below, I really do not think much of the land is more than a dozen other street


however, in recent years, Ali’s crackdown many people see, an enterprise to assume the construction of China fighting team ", it is not so easy.

Ali has more than 2000 employees full-time crackdown, more than and 300 core members, more than 10 thousand second involved." Ali, a senior security experts said, a lot of people do not believe that we put