The temptation of two dimensional code 2015 market size will exceed 100 billion



dimensional code market will exceed 100 billion (Tencent technology plan)

O2O shopping, movie tickets, coupons, conference attendance, as the spring breeze comes suddenly, two-dimensional code suddenly began more and more into the people’s vision, when the family Tencent Ma Huateng (micro-blog) is called out the slogan "important entrance" the future of the two-dimensional code will become the mobile internet. With the high-profile addition of Tencent, two-dimensional code of this lake has also begun to become a concern.

two rise

"with the rapid development of mobile Internet, intelligent mobile phone and 3G network is becoming more and more popular, and intelligent mobile phone two-dimensional code, two-dimensional code has been widely used in logistics, transportation, military, medical and commercial areas." In October 31st, Beijing Lingdong kuaipai chief marketing officer Zhang He to accept the "China Times" reporter, said.

and let the company quickly become the focus of attention is the key word "two-dimensional code".

It is reported that Wang Pengfei

, the founder of Lingdong kuaipai (micro-blog) in the 2008 visit to Japan, the Japanese inspired by the application of two-dimensional code after returning to sell his then record company – the world network shares, and in 2010 set up a smart snapshot.

"in 2006 Chinese had already appeared in the application of the two-dimensional code, but because of the penetration of smart machines is low, expensive Internet access charges, user consumption habits and other factors, the two-dimensional code not in the strong popularity of China." Zhang Jun, assistant general manager of Tencent public relations, China Times reporter said.

early recognition of two-dimensional code tool cost is higher, a scanning gun takes hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. General users do not have the conditions to identify, so the user can not be universal." Ali Alipay related personnel in November 1st to accept the "China Times" reporter analysis of the reasons is not universal said.

electricity supplier veteran Comtech core city marketing director Liu Hongjiao said: "the business especially for nearly a year O2O (Online To Offline, online and offline business combination mode) development, two-dimensional code is very important to the development of promoting factors."

for the current domestic two-dimensional code, Analysys International analyst Liu Peng in November 1st to the "China Times" reporter said: "compared with foreign countries, the development of China’s mobile Internet is lagging behind, but with the increase of permeability of all kinds of intelligent terminals, mobile electricity supplier ecosystem gradually mature, and gradually develop the habit of users to pay, people find that the two-dimensional code of the O2O the market an important platform, entrance and tool, its commercial value increasingly prominent."

complex industrial chain

once again be concerned about the two-dimensional code, where the commercial value of the industry chain, what is the size of the market is how much, is a topic of concern to many people in the industry