Wang Zhou Yang Weiguo escaped 1 billion lost contact two P2P quanqian

and a financial platform storm thunder, hope group chairman Yang Weiguo lost contact.

April 21st morning, Wang Chau wealth Cci Capital Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Wang Zhou fortune) official website released "on Wang Chau Group Chairman Yang Weiguo lost contact event at the delta to customers and employees" wealth announcement said, after several days of contact and inquiries are Wang Chau Group officially confirmed: Wang Zhou, Wang Chau Group Chairman Yang Weiguo has lost wealth joint, is expected to roll about 1 billion yuan.


announcement shows that as of the end of March 2016, involving financial amount of about 2 billion 200 million yuan. April has been involved in the investigation. After a preliminary estimate, look at the continent’s existing assets of the group’s unrealized assets valued at about 1 billion 900 million yuan.

According to the official website of

, Wang Chau Group in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou three major operations management center as the core, in the more than and 70 national city established nearly 200 subsidiaries and branches, the national staff of nearly seven thousand people, covering business, automobile industry, health, food, education, science and technology, finance and other eight areas.

financial sector, the reporter noted that the hope of the continent group involving private equity, Internet Banking (including P2P, all chips, pay), banks, financial leasing, credit and other fields. In June last year, Wang Chau easy loan on-line on the occasion, according to Yang Weiguo, 2015, "Wang Zhou Department" of the three major financial platform (Wang Zhou Wang Zhou and Wang inclusive wealth, easy loan is expected, delta) docking funds will reach 5 billion yuan, 10 billion yuan target impact.

this, an insider told the daily economic news reporter, the whole hope Chau Group to finance the main line. Then you can not get down the line, Yang Weiguo began to engage in online, but did not get online. At the end of last year, Yang Weiguo began to put in Hangzhou Qianjiang new headquarters removed, if the company running well, certainly not removed.

on whether the existence of self financing, the source said, certainly from the melt, although Yang Weiguo’s industrial layout, but those who eat limited sources of income, real estate is not much.

– the line of financial revenue 10%~16%

before April 21st, Yang Weiguo lost contact with the news has been spread on the network. Daily economic news reporter tried to contact Yang Weiguo himself by phone, but the voice prompt is temporarily unable to connect".

An advertisement in

delta wealth leaflets, reporters saw written "robust P2P financial service institutions" and "warm congratulations on the Wang Zhou bank official name approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce". The fixed income financial products are gold toshihisa seven, financial amount required a minimum of 50 thousand yuan, the highest 1 million yuan, the investment period of 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, the annual yield of 10%~16%. A life with the highest gold as an example, an investment of 1 million yuan, after 12 months can get 160 thousand yuan of income.

this, the insider said, >