The three door of e commerce in small business

as the market competition intensifies, many small businesses are facing development and even survival predicament. The so-called pressure is the driving force, there is competition, there is progress, exploration will have found. The development of science and technology has had a profound impact on the business, in the face of the trend of social development, all enterprises are more or less to develop their own e-commerce business development strategy, especially those of large enterprises, has initially tasted the sweetness of e-commerce brings to the enterprise. But for those small businesses, even business leaders have the strategic thinking and consciousness, but due to the influence of enterprise personnel and financial and other heavy elements, electronic commerce small business development is very difficult, so that some middle fold Ge.

is the so-called big small small, small businesses and large enterprises in the investment can not be compared, but we also need not be compared with them, we need to be combined with the actual situation of their own, according to local conditions, according to the need to deploy the implementation of e-business strategy goals, in order to achieve the maximum output with minimum input in the electronic commerce. Two years of work experience, with many small businesses, have also been observed in these small enterprises behavior in e-commerce. Combined with the actual operation experience and practice, to talk about my small business should go the route — small business e-commerce "three doors".

first heavy door: the company network facade – the company website construction

said the enterprise electronic commerce, people first instinct will think of what? What is the first step to do? Estimated e-commerce this thinking small business leader first step will be thought about building a company’s website. I think this idea is right, the establishment of network station to enter the threshold is too small to the company, human / financial resources are relatively small, a small business website more than a thousand yuan, ranging from a few hundred dollars on the realization of this plan. No matter the thousand or hundreds of investment or issue, I think this site should be built, the emphasis is on what if we observe. It is not difficult to see, almost all of those small enterprises to establish a web site layout is the same, the novel may be a little design character, page flash, page colour. The home page is nothing more than the news, Product pictures and other information. The main purpose is to browse our website so that to understand the company and the company’s products after contact the company. So when we build the site whether can think of streamlined web pages, highlighting the website content, let a person into a page will be able to understand the company’s best advantage such things. Outstanding company qualification, the company, the company products, the company’s first contact, product characteristics, and information, and not to the news, message, online ordering and other information to dilute the main information website, for small businesses, these little information. The main purpose of the small company website in the first time and space directly to the user need most of the most prominent business information, should try to remove those of no importance. As interface information. Medium generous, prominent content.