Do not spend money to buy advertising in Ali mother

Ali mother also made a period of time, I am also a novice, but also about the promotion of the site is not very deep, but in the past two days, Ali mother bought advertising time, discovered a free advertising in Ali mother,

In fact, the

method in any league advertisers can do, but to the number of Ali mother the most honest, most humane, is also one of the best, how to do? I would like everyone to say it, is actually very simple.

first: the premise is that your site has been put on Ali’s mother’s ad

second: Ali’s mother click on the ad is the lowest 0.08 yuan, that is, you click on your ad you earn a profit of $8.

third: you go to Ali mother market to buy advertising (Ali mother 5 cents of the ad is very much, the flow of about 100 people slowly pick it)

that is, as long as there is a click on your site advertising, you can buy a 7 day ad in Ali mother, in addition, you also earn a profit of 3 cents, ha ha, it is a good way to promote the new site

think that one day there are 2 people to click on your ad for a month you will have 60 people click can earn 4.8 cents, 4.8 cents can buy 100 7 days of advertising, advertising in 100 to bring you 200 ad clicks, you see this cycle (as long as your website) will earn money? Come on you webmaster

do not always complain about Ali’s mother can not make money, you put your money to make good use of, not to earn a lot of money behind it?

teach you a trick in Ali mother can not send money to advertise

stay Original: the article comes from a trick in the Ali mother can not send money to advertise