One hundred billion market sharing car of the war has just begun the future reign of terror

national market size of about 64 billion 800 million, which is relatively optimistic about the situation. Share the rental of the war has just begun, China, drops, host plant and other game player is not all to join the war, perhaps the future will set off a new bloody.

car sharing lease is not a new concept, if the establishment of Zipcar as the starting points, the car rental has been in the United States and Europe experienced sixteen development for seven years, and become the domestic public opinion to pay more attention to the field in 15, 16 years.

car sharing rental concept originated in the United States, the first is the cut off time shorter module from the traditional car rental business timeshare rental business, then the part of the host plant and start-up companies have all rushed into the field, after years of development, in order to take several outlets, mainly from take the mode C2C model has matured, but in domestic, foreign game player mode and identical.

2015, automobile lease becomes hot in China, although the rise of "sharing" concept for the blessing, but it’s the cause, we believe that in the new energy automobile production policy subsidies increase is one of the most important background. In 2014, domestic new energy vehicle output is about 78 thousand units, while in 2015 increased sharply to 340 thousand, but sales of new energy vehicles has not kept pace with the production growth, resale for rent is a good solution; in addition, the new energy vehicles for Limited mileage points when the lease and rent more clearly right.

Although most of the models are similar, but the development of

in China due to the market situation, the needs of different groups need to be analyzed. Next, we will share with you the observation and thinking of this area from the market size, user analysis, financial model and so on.

first, the domestic travel market and time-sharing lease

China travel market can be roughly divided into three markets by travel distance (ignoring the time dimension):

0-5 km short distance travel market, 5-50 km of conventional short haul travel market and more than 50 km long distance travel market.

and time-sharing lease is mainly aimed at 5-50 km short distance travel market.

As a new type of self driving solution,

car rental is not very fast. In 2011, the country appeared to toot car as the representative of the automobile lease, but in recent years, timeshare rental truly become the focus of attention. One is the background of the new energy automobile production surge dictates, on the other hand, also shows that the lease time from the taxi, facing the network about cars and other competitors restrict and influence is still larger. When the main competitors lease in addition to the traditional way to travel (including taxi, subway, bus, car outside) also faces, he express drive platform competition. In this complex pattern of the market, when leasing can tight encirclement, remains to be seen. >