Transfer the Tencent investment Comsenz says rumor denied Comsenz

May 26, 2010, according to rumors, the Tencent has the strategic investment Comsenz, capital operation mainly by the chairman of the Qihoo, Zhou Hongyi contributed to the angel investor. Another said that the Tencent to Comsenz funding of about $10 million, mainly for the acquisition of holdings of Google and Kang Sheng shares, may be a new investment plan.

according to expert analysis, in accordance with the Tencent’s style and a strong market position, the Tencent should not choose the way of acquisition in Comsenz, but will take investment mode for the long-term layout.

TechWeb call Comsenz, Comsenz said this is purely speculation are completely It is sheer fiction., absolutely not true.

2008, the company announced the completion of Comsenz, millions of dollars in the second round of financing, investors Morningside ventures (Morningside Ventures), Sequoia Capital Fund Chinese (Sequoia Capital China) and Google (Google). The Sequoia Capital Fund is the first investor China comsenz. According to Google’s public disclosure documents, in the second round of investment in Google to invest $1 million in comsenz.

Prior to

, Comsenz CEO Dai Zhikang once disclosed, in 2005, Zhou Hongyi Dai Zhikang and his team had angel investment of $80 thousand, accounting for 15% of the shares of the company.

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