More than 20 nternet companies jointly combat network fraud

June 25th morning news, 21 Alibaba group, Tencent, Baidu, Sina, Shanda, NetEase, Chinese Amazon and other Internet companies, today gathered in Hangzhou Internet transaction security summit, and initiated the establishment of Internet fraud Committee in the Ministry of public security under the guidance of the formation of e-commerce ecosystem make joint strategic cooperation framework.

it is understood that the user will start the security model of a unified mechanism for 21 Internet companies, the establishment of a unified model and interoperability sharing mechanism; formed a joint call mechanism, clear the channels of information dissemination, communication channels, trading channels, channel four payment defense links together play the rights and obligations of action plans, detailed guidelines for action.

ultimately related enterprises on the basis of the above two mechanisms set up the Internet anti fraud committee to develop work plans from 2013 to 2014 and put into effect.

in business we will compete, but security is not competitive, like environmental protection, it is related to our common interests, is the foundation of the Internet, the lack of security of the community, supporting more advanced and complete, will be abandoned by the user, the Alibaba’s chief risk officer, Shao Xiaofeng said.

According to

statistics, Internet fraud has been showing a cross platform fled the crime trend, prevention and control of a platform to do well, the criminals will switch to other platforms continue to commit crimes. The development of Internet fraud today also has not only limited to the production and sale of counterfeit goods, common violations of intellectual property rights.

the latest and most difficult to combat the three party fraud". For example, criminal gangs issued credit part-time in a variety of micro-blog, forum information, and through the search engine, chat channels such as large nets. In order to avoid the monitoring of e-commerce platform, criminal gangs will require the victims to use QQ, YY and other tools of different companies to convey information, greatly increasing the difficulty of preventing crime process monitoring and forensics.

when the victim hooked, criminal gangs launched serial fraud, with training, practice, positive reason why they take designated merchandise stores (mainly Q coins, game equipment, etc.), criminal gangs swept away these virtual items, in some game trading platform for stolen goods, stolen money by means of payment and line under the machine online white wash.

the above shows that the transaction security case reflects the trend of industrialization and ecology. Internet fraud evil has become a huge threat to the development of the Internet Ecosystem Health, the first is caused huge losses to Internet users; secondly, the negative direct or indirect influence on the upstream and downstream enterprises, a threat to the survival and development of the enterprise.

in the traditional sense of the crime, the society has built a relatively complete blow system. But for the Internet this new thing, the anti crime system has yet to be the whole industry under the guidance of the national police and other law enforcement agencies to work together to further improve the construction of social