Check open house website a stirring among the dry bones personal name visible accommodation privacy

Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporter Yang Ge Ren Xiang

recently, a "Shanghai exchange executives 3 years real fact" a lot of information spread in the network forum and WeChat circle of friends, triggering widespread public concern in addition to the special status of these executives, so that everyone is shiver all over though not cold are listed in this paper three and a half years with the open room record.

query this information visible, the content can be described as a detail list, 6 page half a detailed record of the private information real names, open room check-out time, the hotel name and address, room number, etc.. With the continuous fermentation of the incident, a few months ago caused a public uproar of 20 million open house data event once again raised concerns, the Chengdu Daily reporter yesterday found that the current query, open house data query multiple sites also began a stirring among the dry bones.

so, how are these personal information easily accessible in the era of big data, how these information may be used in the hidden behind what risks?

enter name

ID number, gender, address are out of the

yesterday, the Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters found through the network search, there are still a number of open room information inquiry in the name of the site exists. Reporters into one of the sites found, page layout is very simple, the entire page is only one input box and a check button, just enter the name or ID number, you can query to include the ID number, gender, birthday, hotel address, mobile phone number, email, and real time and other personal information. Details of the information, shocking.

really can check to see a lot of the same name open room information". After the reporter entered the name, the site displays the information and I agree with the basic information, especially the phone number, ID number and mailbox, but there are individual errors, such as address. Reporters learned that the investigation, a number of inquiries to the parties to the information recalled, before and after the date of registration of the site shows that they have reservations in the hotel location, room, or handled a membership card.

in another with the nature of the site, enter the name of the reporter, the results show a person’s open house open house time, gender and date of birth, and ID number, telephone, e-mail, home address four information is withheld or partially withheld.

yesterday, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter in the Ministry of industry domain name record management system has not been found above the open house information website for the record information. MIIT relevant staff told reporters, usually the end of the regular website will be marked with ICP at the beginning of the record information number, and can be linked with the official website of the Ministry of industry. But the reporter observed that the above information is not open to check the website ICP label.

In addition to the above

, check the personal open house information website reporter found that the current major software download platform can also be downloaded to all kinds of open house information query software, the software especially pointed out the trouble data based on the recently leaked version 20 million big".