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each year during the Spring Festival, there will always be two distinct public opinion and the call, one is to escape the North Canton, and the other is to flee back to the North canton. These two kinds of public opinion are always fighting each other, representing a generation of entanglements. This tangle is actually hidden in the small town of their embarrassing situation.

people often say that, in this fast changing society, three generations of the rich but poor, but in recent years, all kinds of social resources enrichment first-tier cities brought together a large number of hope through the efforts of class and realize the life upward breakthrough town youth". However, when the second year in twenty-first Century, when the end of the ten years, the social class has become more and more solidified trend, Forbes launched a variety of rich list, full of all kinds of the generation, the three generation. The Matthew effect is not only in the industrial economy, but also on the wealth of the residents.

class curing between the poor and the rich beyond


community has always been a Pyramid structure, hierarchy, the higher class people grasp the social wealth and resources more ability to gain wealth they are more strong, this cycle leads to the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Last year,

hit the "Ode to joy" in the social class very clear, billions of laotan, one billion old song, hundreds of millions of millions of singularities, Jinling Andy, Dr. Zhao sanwushiwan, one hundred and fifty thousand year old fan, a monthly salary of thousands of small intern. Each class has a different concept, vision and personality. Xiao Xiao Qu dad can rely on financial support to start a company, when the boss, Fan Shengmei is still at work, love, family friction, hard to maintain.

but the question of the "Ode to joy" reveals that the threshold for the poor and the rich lies in the acquisition of wealth and the recognition of wealth. The poor in the first master less wealth, which leads to the network resources, and leveraging the conditions of learning, are far behind the rich, they tend to be more like like a mouse cover disc savings. Finally, the result is not much wealth finally run but inflation, but all kinds of social opportunities and the arrival of the wave of wealth. In the battle of the wealth of life, it is not easy for the poor and the poor to win.

single traditional finance, high net worth investors many channels, trust, private and overseas real estate investment, equity investment will be nothing difficult. The poor in addition to bank savings and relatively low threshold of bank financing, baby products, it will only be as often as leek harvest stock market.

wealth growth in addition to capacity and social resources, leverage is a problem that can not be avoided. Here have to mention a person — Almighty bear. Frankly speaking, omnipotent bear a lot of time in the micro-blog people "hate", because he is always in a posture of stamp upstart "a lot of people breaking abscess.

he told a story about micro-blog before buying a house. One of his friends, and a friend in Beijing flat-share.