Online trading platform regulatory system will be on the line the ability to purify the electronic b

June 27th news, according to China business news, from July 1st, the national network trading platform regulatory service system will be formally launched. Some of the sale of fake and shoddy products shop will be labeled black shop label, and will be displayed on the home page. When users visit the store page, the shop will be prompted by the credit rating. The regulatory system can effectively remind the user, of course, mainly for the purpose of the Taobao platform, because Taobao fake fake electricity supplier platform. The number of black shop is no longer a minority, the sale of a large number of low-quality goods, and buyers are often difficult to distinguish.


black shop why it is difficult to cure

Taobao, the Jingdong of several major electricity supplier platform shop where Taobao is fake too many to count, the hardest hit. Why is it difficult to cure a large number of black shop, the reasons are manifold, first, the responsibility of the electronic business platform, in order to pursue the interests of the electronic business platform needs more shop. Otherwise, it is difficult to survive the electronic business platform, two is to identify the authenticity of the cost of the product is very high, to Taobao platform clothing products as an example. In addition to some brand clothing, goods and other shops spread almost, so can not guarantee the quality of clothing. But because the price is cheap, fashionable, there are still a lot of users are willing to buy, although the psychological clearance of those clothes are knockoff.

electronic business platform must self purification


disaster caused by flooding water business platform, will not only affect their own image of the platform, will allow consumers to locate fake electronic business. In addition to a number of buyers who covet cheap, more consumers are willing to buy genuine products, and like electronic products, household appliances, users will certainly choose a good reputation of the electricity supplier platform. Jingdong’s number of fakes is significantly lower than Taobao, but the disadvantage is that the number and variety of goods as Taobao. Although Taobao officials have been fake, but the effect does not seem obvious, the electronic business platform to complete the self purification, should cooperate with the Department of industry and Commerce of the new regulations, two pronged clearance platform for fake goods.

how to protect the interests of buyers and sellers

business sector and electronic business platform must be worried about the interests of buyers and sellers, to combat black shop is to build a fair competition environment on the electronic business platform. The upcoming online trading platform regulatory service system, may be used by some competitors in the industry, the same product shop will be malicious competitors to report it?. Such as brush sales, brush credibility, which is a means of malicious competition. So to identify whether a shop in the sale of fake, which is the difficulty of the official supervision, clothing products, food products, the owner should be submitted to the supply channel information, in order to facilitate supervision and management. Of course, many shops from the electricity supplier platform.

black shop endless scourge, the infringement of the interests of ordinary consumers, but consumers also have their own thinking about the ability to judge. Covet petty gain is often more easily deceived, there is no huge user needs, may also be difficult to survive black shop. No matter how, >