China’s top 100 economic sites the first selection of public welfare finalists released

in the integration of traditional media and new media era, the central and local economy, government sponsored media sites around the site, in charge of regional economic institutions at all levels of industry and industry portal, business unit operating the financial information website, has become a social economic information center, become the most important driving force Chinese publicity of economic and social development.

jointly launched by the China Economic Newspaper Association Center for new media, the new media industry alliance joint authority "Chinese new media leader list – 100 economic website" large-scale public selection activities through the media, which lasted more than two months of social investigation, recommendation, recommendation, nomination committee website, before the date of the first batch of finalists website have been released, Chinese economic network and a number of outstanding website finalists. Organizing committee will be in the new media network and other media finalists publicity, accept social supervision.

the levy election activities to spread of power, credibility, influence and contribution "as the evaluation criterion, through the selection and recommendation of media publicity, online voting, expert evaluation stage, the selection of a" hundred economic website, the industry’s most influential economic sites, the most influential regional economic website "final results. In late March the organizing committee to be held in Beijing China Economic Forum held in the media credit construction site award ceremony.

the first shortlisted website publicity: (ranking)

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