Talk about from the common misunderstanding of media marketing analysis

if the method is appropriate, the use of the media marketing, can really get a good publicity and promotion effect. But in the moment, do a lot of people from the media marketing, the effect is very few people, a lot of people into the misunderstanding from the media marketing.

from the media as an advertising leaflet using

in the conventional marketing, the use of a large area of advertising leaflets this means can quickly expand the coverage of the crowd, to a certain extent, can improve the visibility of the company or the product. However, excessive distribution of leaflets, people will have a sense of disgust. From the media, oh, too, many of the current media from pregnant in order to make the marketing effect better, constantly push advertising, some even one minute to send an ad. This is bound to make some fans have a sense of disgust, and then cancel attention.

So in the process of using

, since the media push information, proper control of the ratio of advertising, one can increase the fans let fans feel sticky, you are valuable; on the other hand can also avoid some negative word-of-mouth effect.

Since the media as a business magazine

from the media after a certain number of fans, really can pray and the journal similar role. Some of the media operators from the other functions of the media, every day is only a number of corporate culture, corporate activities and other things unrelated to the fans. Doing so will result in the loss of some fans.

therefore, in the promotion of enterprise culture at the same time, many fans released some interesting content or do some fans and the vital interests of muskmelon your activities, so that fans to join in the interactive. This will receive a better marketing results.

content too subjective

from the media to do activities is a very common marketing behavior. But at the moment many of the media activities, there are 80% of the activities did not achieve the desired results, the main reason is that the wrong choice of the content of the active force point. Everyone looks at the different point of view, resulting from the media to promote the content of different, this is a very normal thing, but we should not forget one thing: look at the issue from a customer perspective. From the customer’s point of view, targeted to promote the promotion of content, so that the content can impress customers, to achieve the desired results.

that the number of times to determine the success or failure of

I often hear people who do the marketing of micro-blog said, I do the activities were forwarded tens of thousands of times, it seems that even if the success of a lot of people to hear this, it is believed that the other party’s activities are successful. However, the number of forwarding does not represent the success or failure of the event.

to do from the media marketing is not to look forward to the number of times, but the final effect, the number of forwarding is only a reference factor, not a decisive factor. Take micro-blog, micro-blog users can be divided into four levels, namely, users of iron ore, silver users, gold users and diamond users. These four types of users are Pyramid shaped, the bottom of the layer of iron ore users just to participate in the work of