Motherland lend me a million soldiers talk about the Diaoyu slands event marketing

seems to have been discussing the Diaoyu Islands event. I don’t understand politics dare not talk, but for marketing, whether can use this patriotic event for our product chelseagreat? The answer is yes.

typical events: Chen Guangbiao published Diaoyu Islands is China’s advertising event

deterioration of the Diaoyu Islands, Chinese businessman Chen Guangbiao for the people to do an example of action, but also an example of marketing. First in the United States, "New York Times" published in the Diaoyu Islands advertising, and promote the Diaoyu Islands are China’s inherent territory, causing great concern in china. But also for advertising media in Japan on the Diaoyu Islands, due to Japanese media and do not allow. The Chen Guangbiao Diaoyu Islands ads give us inspiration, the Diaoyu Islands issue, we do not just want to protest, but also need to act to prove the Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory. At the same time, Chen Guangbiao’s popularity in the hearts of the Chinese people’s influence and visibility rose.


food and beverage industry and other businesses under the action of a variety of lines to borrow the Diaoyu Islands event promotion

in the Diaoyu Islands incident, the line of business is very timely to borrow this event began to promote and achieved good results. A lot of restaurants play: shouting, defend the Diaoyu Islands to enjoy 20 percent off and other similar promotional activities. There is a hotel in Chongqing was renamed "Diaoyu Island Hotel" approved marketing events, while many offline businesses can buy shops to send "flags to defend the Diaoyu Islands and other promotional materials, at the same time with their own store and shop in the promotional products. Another news, a television station in Guizhou has been banned from the Japanese Department of advertising, there are rumors that some stations also follow suit cctv. It can be seen that many businesses have been aware of the line of the Diaoyu Islands event if the marketing benefits can make their own rapid growth.





online sites and businesses on the Diaoyu Islands event marketing is not deep enough

In the face of a variety of

line uses the "Diaoyu Island incident" marketing case, the author found that the line is very little, at present only a local flower gift net to make substantial moves in "head called the Diaoyu Islands slogan, in addition to hype the Diaoyu Island incident, try to release the Diaoyu Islands related news to attract users, online is for the Diaoyu Islands event marketing should do a lot. Professional sales of related products such as the Diaoyu Islands, the Diaoyu Islands, the Diaoyu Islands related to buying things for small things (many sellers, Taobao has already begun to do so on the Diaoyu Islands). I believe that if the Diaoyu Islands event continues to ferment, will be a large force on the Diaoyu Islands website marketing.