Half a month used EDM to sell the date

switch to do the SEO already has more than half a year, usually in the company of leisure no matter when they look at the Forum promotion posts, their growth experience theory. Almost also learned more than 3 months of promotion, after pondering on his own practice.

review their own strengths and weaknesses, found himself in Taobao no experience, no budget for promotion costs, can only choose a high return on the cost of 0 products. Just where to find such products?


for their own reasons, while in the University of love, so I try not to sell love secrets.

for three reasons:

1 cost is very low, many are free access to information, only need to make their own, these materials can be used for drainage;

2 has its own experience, at least talked several times in love, men and women along the road, in addition to understand, are valid, not cheat, have friends around doing that work, problems can help solve;

3 return is relatively high, because it is the cost of 0, just need my time cost on the line, so even if the sale of $1, it is also a net profit earned.

choose a good project, then the election on the promotion of the way.

because no budget, so choose only those free promotion strategies were time-consuming.

I finally chose EDM marketing.

is the easiest and most ancient way to send e-mail, and it is also the way most people use it. We are in the pursuit of dry cargo, in the pursuit of a new way of promotion, gradually forget the first the most effective way, but let the competition promotion methods of little old a lot.

in the know what kind of promotion, the next thing is relatively simple.

first analyzes the target population

target group is relatively simple, is 19-26 years old unmarried men, their greatest demand.

analysis of target group characteristics

such young people like LOL, NBA, two dimensional, like beauty temptation, most of them belong to science and engineering, partial technology house, because the media guide, prefer to use unfamiliar street WeChat strangers.

analysis of this type of features, the corresponding to the corresponding Baidu post bar.

profit model

free to attract traffic + late selling charges.

I first use their own large to Baidu post bar post, the title is written, love information free of charge, you need to leave your mailbox, and with the information on the screenshot. But to do so, it is easy to fall by the Lord delete gag, issued 8, deleted the 8, only get 50 left.