Retailers how to do the details of the service to win customers to visit again

if a customer is willing to visit a store again, it is because the store makes the customer satisfied and willing to be a repeat customer. The key is that many people do not know how to do a good job of detail services to win customer satisfaction. The same as retail, in normal operation, in the face of our customer service to win customer details of how to do the next visit? The author is doing so.

1, store image. Do the goods on display, do goods display neat, full, no dust, put the goods FIFO, often check the date of manufacture of the product, the advent goods timely processing or shelf, ensure product freshness.

2, service attitude. When receiving customers sincere smile and customer communication, patience for customer service, so that customers feel into the store consumption has been respected. Some customers fine, love shopping selected is very critical, in the face of such customers do answer, with their own understanding of the product knowledge with discharge their doubts, the happy shopping satisfaction, leave some money. From the consumer point of view to think about the problem, try to do the service considerate. For example, the store standing hot water noodles and red tea, ready to clean water wash, the convenience of customers for customers to rest and prepare chairs indwelling Straw to the needs of customers, for customers to exchange canbi.

3, perfect after-sale. Door-to-door, within one kilometer as long as there is a need, even a pack of cigarettes a bottle of wine will be free door-to-door. To undertake the bag with wine, as long as it does not affect the two sales guarantee is not used to return, of course, when the customer is scheduled to help customers analyze the amount to determine the amount of purchase.

a lot of store operations, it is easy to lose some details in the above. After all, the details determine success, business in detail. Good service is a long work, obtain customer’s goodwill in detail and thoughtful service, make new customers into the old customers, more and more customers come back together into the shop popularity, business will become increasingly prosperous.