Shop operating corner wall can also make full use of good

as long as it is a physical store, certainly will have the corners of the problem, and the problem how to deal with these corners, which can be plagued by many operators. In fact, if it is a shop to do business, the corner of the wall can be used. Of course, the premise is to be able to make good use of, believe that the store will have to help the operation.

is now on the market for beverage varieties; and now the beverage manufacturers in the "display" Award activities, have certain requirements on the number of display. For example, our shop has such a "display Award" of the manufacturers: as long as two rows of shelves we will drink the most conspicuous area filled with their products, will free two tens of dollars worth of goods to us each month, and this make it is two or three years. So at this time, when the major manufacturers have started to do display prizes activities, we store the two and a small shelf is just not enough, how does that do?

in order to alleviate the shelf is not enough to use, but also at this time last year, we will be locked in the two groups of shelves between the "idle Fu" for many years on the pillars of the house. When it comes to the pillars of the house, then I have to say about the origin of this room pillars:

that was 2008, because the village in the shop to our house above the building, taking into account the beginning of the construction of this row of the window, the ground is not very strong play. So for the sake of safety, after the completion of the house upstairs, they have built a 1 meter wide wall on both sides of our shop. Is a "see the wall, the walls on the spur of the moment" is built after the husband would think: if the rolling door store forward to this both sides of the wall, it is not and you can put some goods?

fortunately, in the village of the consent of the relevant personnel, the husband’s desire to quickly achieve. The smaller group in front of the beverage shelves, followed after the shutter door forward, into the new built wall. That is to say the real post before actually we installed shutter doors, shutter doors and forward because of the emergence of small shelves, unexpectedly to become a two set of shelves in "center".

From the thought of

positive front and on both sides of the shelf real pillars, it is a line, if Aluminum Alloy glass shelves are packed in a group on the pillar of words, not only affects the appearance; also to block the line of sight when customers choose drinks, so we finally come up with according to the column width, quantity give it a set of customized open shelves". In fact, I here said the "open shelves," said a little easier is by: 5 45 cm long; glass block is 15 cm wide; the appropriate size of 10 (used to hold the glass block) the iron triangle; and a plastic glass and a plurality of (can be fixed on the wall of glass frame the combination of a screw).