Shenyang old residential elevator rectification work in full swing

for the reconstruction of the old house, won the attention of people in Shenyang, many of the old district reconstruction problem has become one of the issues of concern to the people of Shenyang. Shenyang City, strive for the inclusion of the transformation of the 298 plans to invest in 2000 before the elevator, through a comprehensive assessment of the social way to complete the purchase and renovation.

has no property units, property right is not clear, no maintenance fund of old residential elevator renovation, it is a long-standing problem. This year, Shenyang city will invest in the elevator on the 298 included in the transformation plan update before 2000, by the way of socialization to complete a comprehensive evaluation, purchase and renovation, to take the lead in the transformation process by the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, real estate bureau and county government.

Shenyang, a total of 1296 years in the use of more than 15 years of civilian lift, plans to transform all of the transformation within 5 years. 2015 completed the transformation of 423 old residential elevator, in 2016 the old residential elevator repair update of the 212.

generally speaking, the elevator to the owners and the use of all residential, renovation and maintenance costs borne by the owners. Maintenance fund system was established in 2000, after the old housing maintenance fund did not have the housing, if this part of the elevator failure, will inevitably face the problem of maintenance update.

old residential elevator repair and renovation of action in government, people’s participation, the principle of serving the people, to meet the conditions of the elevator maintenance, through the risk assessment mechanism, formulate detailed construction plan, after the end of the project by the relevant departments of the inspection and testing institution of engineering acceptance, ensure transparency and quality.

Shenyang municipal government departments to actively rebuild, won the recognition of people, in their work, I believe that many of the old district of Shenyang new look. Many people will be concerned about the transformation of the old elevator focus is how to raise funds. Shenyang Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau relevant responsible person said, "social transformation" is a common means to resolve the sources of funds, such as the government, enterprises and residents to residents of fund-raising, CO financing, the introduction of third party power transformation way.

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