How rural retail merchants seize farmers harvest opportunities

now the rural conditions are getting better and better, farmers are selling more and more high, so that some rural retail business is getting better and better. Moreover, in addition to a number of special festivals, each dealer harvest season will also be a good opportunity for retailers to make money. But once a year "rural harvest gold sales season is coming soon, is located in the village of retail businesses, and began sharpening to" make a big scuffle, ".

is the year’s harvest season farmers busy season in this more than a month of harvest time, farmers are busy harvesting in the dusk of the corn, soybean, potato, cabbage, radish and other crops, the harvest of hard sweat out a year in fruit harvest. The farmers are busy harvesting fruit harvest season, is also our retail sales of the "golden season".

because the farmers in the harvest season, are generally looking for help or several group of inserted harvesting crops, so as to buy cigarettes, buy wine, buy food and entertainment to help Shouqiu relatives or neighbors. In this way, our retail business sales opportunity came. However, in reality many retail businesses, our retail merchants how to seize the farmers harvest opportunities?

, puerile, so beneficial to customers.

is the harvest season, farmers are busy season, is located in the village of retail businesses the most busy season. In this season, the farmers to the store to buy things much more than usual. And in this season, the farmers shopping seem even more than usually generous, generous, because the fruit farmers are eager to go to the fields to harvest a year of labor.

farmers to buy cigarettes, buy wine, buy buy chicken fish reward help harvest relatives or neighbors, consumption level and consumption index are much higher than usual. This is our retail business opportunities, as long as we seize this period of farmers’ consumption psychology and consumption characteristics, will be more conducive to store sales of goods. First of all, in the harvest season, farmers attracted to the store when the key, and to do this, the most effective way is to take small profits, so beneficial to customers "marketing strategy.

We want to

retail store commodity price is set lower than usual, in order to attract more farmers to your store to buy things, through the principle of small profits, the store operating profit doubled. Last fall, I put the store tobacco and non-staple food prices by 5-10%, the results attracted a lot of farmers flocked to my shop to buy goods, at that time I shop farmers harvest, tobacco, ham sausage, chicken fish meat and other goods sales than the same period, an increase of more than 230%, profit growth of 150% over the same period.

two, telephone shopping, delivery to the farm.