Easy money ideas hair salon

beauty market is now profitable, open a hair salon is a good idea to make money. The heart of a friend than to act now, maybe you are the beneficiaries of this money good idea!

background a survey data show that the mainland beauty shop investment on a scale of 3 to 50 thousand yuan of the largest proportion is 27. 1% investment in 20 thousand yuan accounted for less than $25% investment in the 6 to 100 thousand yuan of 21. 38%; and investment in more than one million yuan accounted for only 2. 9%.

some success cheats in this industry are summarized some successful cheats, for those who intend to invest and manage the salon reference.

1. pay attention to customer service: registration for each customer, good service tracking.


3. education and guide customers to establish and use of customer files: how much is the new customer growth rate? How much is the old customer turnover rate? What is the loyal customers? What is the passerby? What is "prompted by a sudden impulse" type of customer? Thanks to "join loyal customers". Strengthen the centripetal force of selective customers. Narrow the distance, prompted by a sudden impulse type customer "climbing relationship with" passerby ".

to open budget analysis in the business.