Anhui 86 new talent to help the 12 thousand and 400 high level personnel Entrepreneurship

support policy of Anhui province in 2016, innovation is unprecedented awesome, with such a good opportunity, entrepreneurs to come to action! Such a chance must not be missed。

around the provincial government to speed up the "transfer" decision-making and deployment "talent construction project" strategy, our province to implement "Jianghuai excellence project" "technical construction," and "international talents education action plan" 3 programmes, the introduction of 86 new talent, focus and support innovative talents of high level high skilled personnel and high-end foreign experts and innovative talent team.

vigorously implement the entrepreneurial engineering talents, encourage and support university research institutes, professional and technical personnel in the country 3 years post business, based on the extended to 6 years. The introduction of "Anhui Province Overseas Returnees innovation and entrepreneurship support program", lead the talent into the "special branch plan" and give 500 thousand yuan subsidy, Research Institute of key institutions, leading enterprises and returnees to give 100 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan to support.

last year the province’s 176 thousand young growth, an increase of 10 thousand over last year, of which the number of business graduates rose 57%.


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