n Zhengzhou Malatang why good shop

now entrepreneurship is not a rarity, many people have turned to their favorite industries began to write their own entrepreneurial story. Entrepreneurship is a trend of people now have more and more success stories to encourage people to start, open Malatang stores is a popular choice, Zhengzhou develops very quickly in recent years, there are a lot of entrepreneurs. Many people know that Zhengzhou Malatang phase stores money? The following is for everyone to analyze.

Mala shop in Zhengzhou why? There are three main reasons:

good momentum of development

2015 Zhengzhou economic growth rate continues to accelerate, economic development continued to improve. To a quarter of the cumulative growth rate of GDP were 8%, 9.3%, 9.8%, 10.1%, respectively, compared with the first quarter of the annual growth rate, the first half of the year, before the three quarter increased by 2.1, 0.8 and 0.3 percentage points over the same period last year to speed up 0.7 percentage points, the momentum of economic speed significantly. 2015 Zhengzhou per capita GDP of more than 12000 U.S. dollars, is about to enter the high-income countries (regions) level.

2015 Zhengzhou accounted for 19.8% of the proportion of the province’s GDP, an increase of more than percentage points in 2014. Three industries accounted for the proportion of the province were 3.6%, 19.9%, respectively, compared with 2014, the first industry and the second industry increased by 0.1, respectively, by 0.3 percentage points. Further increase in economic primacy.

services developed

The pulling power of

third industry on economic growth is enhanced, and the pulling power of the second industry to economic growth is weakened. 2015, the city’s second industry contribution to economic growth rate of 52.2%, lower than in 2014 by 6.9 percentage points, the contribution rate of the industry to the economic growth of third, an increase of 7 percentage points. The Zhengzhou economy is still belongs to the stage of driving, but the third industry and the second industry in economic growth to further reduce the pulling power of the gap.

Low cost

Mala shop

Malatang store opened a cost is relatively low, as long as a few tens of square meters of shops, there are a few waiters to shop, the cost is relatively low. At the same time the consumer for the Malatang is warm, the number of consumers for the snack consumption is more.

The analysis above

can be seen, Zhengzhou Malatang franchise is making money, is a very good


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