nvestment benefit analysis of handmade soap shops

beauty market is now being optimistic about the public, which contains a huge market space profit is obvious to everyone. In the rise of a variety of varieties do not have beauty products, investment handmade soap shop is slowly becoming popular in the most popular form of DIY show in front of people, a small piece of soap on the delineation of the unlimited business opportunities.

and other DIY consumer goods are different, the investment of handmade soap is not only to meet people’s psychological and economical and practical non disposable consumer goods. Handmade soap is made from pure natural plant essential oil refining, using raw materials rich in palm oil, coconut oil, essential oil, honey and other nutritional elements, does not contain animal fats. Which contains more than 5 times the amount of glycerin ordinary soap. Compared with the ordinary soap, handmade soap is more gentle in nature, the soap body is more crystal clear, more prominent on the skin conservation.

handmade soap shop target customer base

A "soap"

in this world, no age difference, only the creative level, especially young people, who love fashion innovation, refused the psychological performance here more most incisive. Golden week, summer vacation, holiday consumption is more obvious, such as Valentine’s day, Christmas, mother’s day, such as the holiday there is always a fixed consumer groups. Target customer base is mainly chasing fashion, like DIY young people and a large group of students.

handmade soap shop small investment big return

soap bar rent: 4000 yuan / month

renovation costs: 8000-1 million (an area of about 20 square meters)

purchase material cost: 10 thousand yuan (including raw materials, tools, special mold, formula technology transfer fee)

business license processing: about 300 yuan

employees wages 800 yuan / month

handmade soap shop water, electricity, taxes and fees: about 500 yuan

(Note: the above data for reference only)

it can be seen that investors only 25 thousand to 30 thousand yuan can open a romantic fashion soap bar. Usually it is estimated that the amount of soap bar 500-600 people, the number of customers in the sales season is usually 2 times. Gross profit is more than 6 times the cost. If in 30 days, daily sales of 30 bars each calculation, the average profit of 10 yuan, net profit of approximately 30× 10 = 300 yuan. According to the daily on-site production of soap 30 calculation, each 20 yuan profit, net profit of about 600 yuan a day. If this calculation >