59 day food catering C preferred wealth of Wheat

delicious vermicelli, I believe a lot of people know. In the food and beverage market, the brand is also very much. How about 59 degrees of grain and vegetables? Such as tall on the Ming Dynasty, will always be very attractive to consumers. Join the day grain food 59 C wheat, is perhaps a good choice to join the venture business with a small capital!

59° wheat of many well-known brands from Taiwan, Taiwan is rich in barley, wheat 59° founder decided to use this advantage, establish brand positioning, etc. the main stone pot noodle rice food.

59° from the stone pot, rice noodle after the best temperature. Keep in 59° about the best taste of barley products, named, which also represents the high quality of our products. 59° wheat by such a high heat holding in the catering market, to have more than just food, with more sweet and spicy Korean pickled cabbage vermicelli and spicy Thai curry noodle taste, let every consumer taste after lead a person to endless aftertastes.

59° wheat at the beginning of creation, and the founder of day food catering team to Taiwan, South Korea visit, when see the ten big cuisines of Taiwan "rice powder", "Taiwanese Meatballs" and South Korea "stone pot", has created the brand metric ingredients intention, and decided to combine collective Chinese Yunnan noodle South Korea and Taiwan, food culture and decoration culture, that day happened to be from May 9th, 59 degrees is also very coincidence, and in 5, 9 of our China implication for the royal prerogative, leads to the birth of 59° wheat combined with the culture of the brand in South korea.

59° stone pot C wheat with trait of natural stone building, it contains a lot of minerals and trace elements beneficial to human body, not only can improve the immunity of the human body, can strengthen the human body, has anti-cancer effect. And stones can continue to keep the original flavor of temperature, health and delicious into one, is the first choice of modern dining standards.

, a soup, a bowl of rice, ten dishes served by the guests according to personal preferences in the form of DIY independent deployment, which meet the different needs of customers, and meet the production mode of the novel, convenient. In line with the needs of modern young people, but also the current market is very popular form of eating.

has the characteristics of the brand to join the project selection, worry free business, worthy of trust. Join the food and beverage 59 degrees C project, food business opportunities! What are you hesitating about?