2016 New Year greetings to friends and family

is now in 2016, and at the same time, in our tradition, every new year will prepare some good wishes for our loved ones, then, this year, what are they? 2016 blessing of the year of the blessing of the monkey family, friends and relatives sent to the blessing of the monkey.

1, new year wish you good health like Budaoweng, cause of soaring like a kite, sweet love like mu spring. Good luck every day, good luck every year!

2, please savor crystal flowers on your window, that is for you with my ice depicts the happy life; please listen to your door bell, that is my wind to send good wishes: Happy New year!

3, spring rain, like countless pearls, one by one down! Bud in countless branches, a blooming! Open your arms and welcome, spring is coming! Happy new year!

4, I hope you happy every day, like a kettle on the stove, although Pipi burned hot, but still happy blowing whistles, braving the well-being of the bubble! I wish you a happy new year!

5, the Spring Festival, WuShaMao to your head off, wife to see you smile, Meimei to embrace you, money towards you, happy you shouted: to want to……

6, to dare not happy new year, I will give you the face of a color, head into motion, labeled as polyphonic ears, body labeled, depressed to flip, if dare to hit into a second-hand.

7, alive tired: getting on line, love you and uncomfortable, eat no fragrance, alcohol drunk easily, to earn money to pay! Even send a message to the pig have to charge! I wish you a happy new year.

8, the new year, send you a pair of antithetical couplet! A: this eat, the drink, don’t put to the heart. The second line of a couplet: bubble bath, watch, comfortable second is a second. Hengpi: happy!

9, on the class, you are the boss; on the career, you are white-collar; on the ability, you are the backbone; on the talent, you are the elite. Therefore, we sincerely praise you: old, white, bone, fine! Ha ha ha…… Happy spring festival!

10, the Spring Festival to send my Japanese greetings: you have to wash the pot wow, you have to wash the bowl wow, you have to wash the pot and bowl wow! Happy holidays! Happy every day!

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