2015 the Fourth Global Youth Science and technology innovation contest ended successfully

China is striving to build itself into an innovative development of the country, it cannot do without the young entrepreneurs in the spirit of innovation and leading innovative technology, Shanghai as a pioneer position Chinese innovation, technological innovation is the best cradle of power.

qualifying also decide the runner up and second runner up, including Vimofit (USA), (China) enjoy pushing Eagles group ranked second and third, and calculate 3D for visual sensor (Chinese), "steel 2quot ERP management software (China) Eagle Group won the runner up and second runner up.

2015 "venture in Pudong" forum and the fourth session of the World Youth Science and technology innovation contest by the Pudong New Area Youth League, insurance bureau, intellectual property office, the Commission by letter, science and Technology Commission, Pudong international talent city jointly sponsored, officially launched in September 22nd this year. The contest is divided into project collection, entrepreneurship camp, project, the final winners qualifying etc..

the contest with "Pudong international public record space" as the theme, focus on the increase in overseas promotion, pay attention to the use of incubators in the overseas venture resources, to attract young global attention Pudong, landing in Pudong. Data show that the contest attracted a total of more than 1 thousand and 300 projects participating, including overseas 131 projects, from USA, Germany, France, Korea, etc., showing the "entrepreneurial Pudong" Global Youth Science and technology innovation competition overseas reputation and influence.

held since 2012 to date, "venture in Pudong" contest has become the Pudong pilot innovation platform, venture investment, professional incubator of science and technology of organic integration, focusing on Pudong, global services, and for the youth. This competition has shown a more professional, international, social characteristics.