Next month Nanjing new energy vehicles will have a special plate

with higher levels of consumption, in the life of many people to become car owners, but ordinary cars in daily life for larger emissions, environmental pollution is more serious, so the new energy vehicles began to come out! According to the unified deployment of Ministry of public security, Nanjing as one of the first batch of 5 pilot city, from next month the first opening of the new energy automobile license plate. The reporter learned from the November 22nd Nanjing vehicle, the traffic control department is upgrading, operation of work related to new energy plate is also being prepared in December 1st to ensure that the new energy vehicles can be chosen on the net appointment card.

for the purchase of new vehicles, you can register directly on the card, in the new energy vehicles can be used by individual will replace the new plate, and no time limit. It is reported that there are 11987 new energy vehicles in Nanjing, of which a large number of 5575, a small car of 6412.

license plate features

extension, green bottom, number 6, a "plug" sign

it is understood that the new energy vehicle license plate dimensions for 480mm× 140mm, 40mm than ordinary plate length, in which large new energy vehicles after the plate width is reduced by 80mm.

than ordinary car license plate, the new energy automotive plate style has the following changes: the color of the main colors of green, highlighting the meaning of green environmental protection, but also facilitate the accurate identification of in service management. In addition, the intermediate plate has a very obvious "plug" mark, let a person can understand that this is a new energy vehicle license plate; increase the special signs, the application of new anti-counterfeiting technology and production process, can realize the distinction between management, easy to identify.

the small new energy vehicle license plate background using gradient of green, large-scale new energy vehicle license plate color with yellow color and is semi detached; subsection management according to the type of vehicle, such as the letter "D" stands for pure electric vehicles, the letter "F" on behalf of the non pure electric vehicles (including plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles etc.). In the small car license plate, "D" or "F" in the license plate number first; large car license plate, "D" or "F" in the last bit of the serial number plate.

In addition,

, new energy automobile license plate number is 6, than the average car number more than a number, capacity increases. The coding rules are more scientific and reasonable, and can meet the need of "little use of letters and numbers". While the new energy vehicle license plate fee unchanged, still perform ordinary vehicle license plate fees of existing national regulations, 100 yuan per pair.

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