The government will guide the pilot construction of Wuhan Taobao village

rural Taobao rural activities have been carried out for some time, the pilot has achieved good results in various regions, led a number of rural entrepreneurs to use electricity supplier channels to find a new life struggle.

"there are 212" Taobao village ", only Yunxi County Jian Chi country village of the 1" Taobao village ", not" Taobao village in Wuhan city." Yesterday to attend the CPPCC meeting, the municipal government counselor Shi Lan said that the development of rural e-commerce has opened up new channels for farmers to increase employment, through the platform of "rural business platform", cultivate a group of "Taobao village", which can provide a new platform for rural public entrepreneurship, innovation.

with more "Taobao village" set up a huge rural market will build a complete industrial chain, quick access through the Internet, so that more rural farmers can enjoy the economic benefits of construction of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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