Smart home development space to join a good choice for Entrepreneurship

the rapid development of economy, the development of the times, and now high-tech products for people to provide a more efficient and convenient living conditions. In particular, the recent development of the smart home industry market, especially hot, smart home market size showed rapid growth, the industry has entered a rapid development period. Smart home market fiery, entrepreneurial join a good choice!

recently, market research data show that in 2016 the U.S. smart home market size of $9 billion 700 million, becoming the world’s largest smart home market. 2015 China smart home market size of 40 billion 340 million yuan, an increase of 41%, is expected in 2018, China’s smart home market size will reach $130 billion, the average annual compound growth rate of about 48%.

smart home development space is vast, entrepreneurship join a good choice. From a global point of view, different countries of the traditional home products used in different habits, the choice of smart home will be different. In the United States market, household central air-conditioning penetration rate has exceeded 70%, and 85% of households have installed central heating equipment thermostat, 60% of households with central refrigeration equipment regulating thermostat, intelligent energy-saving products to the smart thermostat as the representative of the popular. In the European market, security products by consumers, the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany and other state-owned nearly 80% of broadband home users tend to choose smart home security products.

and Chinese consumers are more interested in intelligent home appliances. Display smart house intelligent Home Furnishing investigation, smart TV, smart lights, intelligent air conditioning, smart cameras, smart washing machine, intelligent refrigerator and intelligent air purifier become intelligent Home Furnishing products in China most users want to buy. In addition, China’s Internet users reached 668 million, Internet penetration rate of around 50%, with intelligent Home Furnishing good development condition, but China’s smart Home Furnishing penetration is still less than 5%, and the United States compared to the larger gap, broad space for development in the future.

Accelerate the pace of transformation of the

home market. With the Internet, big data and cloud computing to accelerate the integration of information technology, and the Internet giant to seize the smart hardware entrance, Home Furnishing market will accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, the application of personalized and diversified intelligent Home Furnishing industry will boost the rapid increase of permeability.

smart Home Furnishing market is very large, the interconnection of all things are inevitable in modern life of wisdom, so that the positioning of intelligent Home Furnishing is very important, the first one is to extend the space to be big, enough, we can not in their mobile phone with a plurality of APP can control everything at home, all the intelligent single product will integrate intelligent Home Furnishing system, enter from a APP can control all. Another is to interoperability, that is, each terminal node can have the same life as the transmission of information, open up the exchange of information between people and things, things and people exchange. There is a little recommendation