How to develop nternet economy and electronic information industry in Chongqing

in the current social environment, the Internet and the electronic information industry, is the active force of social development, the city’s economic development, plays a very important role in pushing. How to develop Internet economy and electronic information industry? The afternoon of December 7th, the municipal government and the China Telecom Group signed to further promote the Internet plus action plan "strategic cooperation framework agreement in chongqing. Municipal Party committee secretary Sun Zhengcai met with China Telecom Group Chairman Yang Jie. Municipal Committee, mayor Huang Qifan attended the signing ceremony.

During the

meeting, Sun Zhengcai said that the development of the Internet economy and electronic information industry in Chongqing needs the participation and promotion of China Telecom and other large operators. Hope that both sides make joint efforts to implement the agreement, deepen pragmatic cooperation, actively promote the integration of "Internet plus" in the field of depth, promote Chongqing Internet economy and accelerate the development of related industries, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

signing ceremony, Huang Qifan said that in recent years, the China Telecom of Chongqing actively participate in the "four modernizations", to make a positive contribution to the national backbone direct point, all-optical networks, cloud computing base construction, the contract will further boost Chongqing more rapid development of the Internet economy. Yang Jie said that the rapid development of Chongqing’s information industry in recent years, showing great potential for development. China Telecom is willing to further strengthen cooperation with Chongqing, help Chongqing better development of the information industry.

Chongqing how to develop the Internet economy and the electronic information industry? As can be seen from the above introduction, Chongqing to take the form of cooperation with large operators China Telecom, in order to further promote their own development. Colleagues, according to the agreement, the China Telecom within the next 3 years will invest 10 billion yuan in Chongqing, accelerate the construction of information infrastructure, wireless network, network city high grade data center, accelerate the implementation of the "Internet plus" the people’s livelihood, collaborative manufacturing, modern agriculture, medical wisdom, inclusive finance, tourism wisdom, wisdom, wisdom traffic energy, wisdom education and other 9 series of operations, accelerate key projects to promote the Chongqing international data channel, the national Internet backbone direct point and the international cooperation of comprehensive experimental zone construction, economic and social fields widely and depth of integration to promote the Internet, the Internet economy has become an important engine of economic and social development in Chongqing.

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