Catch the demon is behind the huge profits carve up

this film market has been a miracle, "return" of the first great acclaim, is "remember" catch demon innovative high box office, breaking the overseas large long PA domestic box office top three pattern. Catch the demon is behind the huge profits carve up, let us take a look at what is behind the box office beneficiaries.

: Edko films investment was a big gains

and many other high grossing films will appear behind the light media, Huayi Brothers and other private television chiefs for having heard it many times, the "behind" the catch demon appeared Edko films figure. A talk about the company, most people may react, but the company has invested in the "Beijing", "shiver in Seattle" and other films. As the first producer of Edko films "catch demon", is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiaries.

According to the analysis of

"while the rest of the money to ease pictures and other investors, issuers are allocated in accordance with the contract, and the proportion is the largest investment but Edko films, the gains will be relatively high, and the" mind "will also catch demon sequel, but also based on the future development of derivative IP industrial chain, so that Edko films can not only obtain short-term at the box office, can obtain a long-term sustainable income", Wei Pengju Dean of Central University of Finance and Economics Institute of economic research said culture.

cast company: chance bonus for

"remember" catch demon relative to other films, the production process can be described as striking one snag after another. According to public information, catch the demon from 2006 has begun to start, until the end of this year in June was completed, lasted nine years. And in these nine years, also met the main actor Ke Zhendong was arrested for drug-related, but SARFT also issued a notice, banned misdeeds artists, artists from the regulations in misdeeds to suspend broadcast movie, which makes "catch demon dilemma" forced to remake, increasing investment.

although this for Edko films is a serious blow, but for other television companies, it is a great opportunity. In the "record" catch by SARFT restrictions after the broadcast, film and television companies have to find other investment opportunities in the film, such as the Zhejiang blue star, one pictures, Lianrui pictures, including Lianrui pictures in Ke Zhendong after the incident took the initiative to contact the film side, a willingness to invest.