Lu Jiajun do pig nanny lucrative

now do nanny earn as everyone knows, not white collar less than normal, however, this is the nanny service person, in this small series the nanny service object is "pig", making is also extremely lucrative. Next, let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand the protagonist of this article Lu Jiajun entrepreneurial deeds.

in Jiangchuan County of Yunnan province pig wholesale market, every single day, early in the morning there are farmers from here to sell a house, piglets. Market transactions are still in progress, but some farmers rarely come here to sell pigs, because they have fixed customers.

in the wholesale market of more than a dozen kilometers away from a small village, the acquisition of Shangqiu Xiongwen is scheduled well in advance of a batch of piglets in the car. The pig is the local pig farming big Lu Jiajun, these piglets he bought more than a month ago, then why he has to wait until now to sell it?

originally, Lu Yuan from farmers who bought just weaned piglets, and then carefully fed for about a month to sell, earn the difference. The entire Jiangchuan County, like Lu Jiajun, there are more than 1 thousand and 300 people, they also have a special name for piglets, as the name suggests, is like a pig as a nanny. However, these pig nanny for the county of Jiangchuan pig industry, but plays an indispensable role.

Jiangchuan county is located in central Yunnan Province, less people, less than an acre of arable land per capita, the history of Jiangchuan’s farmers have few sows by raising pigs to sell traditional household income.

ten years ago, Lu Jiajun is a well-known local pig broker, because Jiangchuan piglets in the province of Yunnan, as well as the Southeast Asian region is very popular, he received the piglets sold on the phone, business has been good.

Lu Jiajun said, sometimes more than 20 yuan, sometimes there are more than 10 yuan profit margins, business is not necessarily. In Jiangchuan, there are more than 30 thousand farmers, raising a total of more than 70 thousand sows, farmers selling piglets is not convenient, many local people have joined the ranks of the piglets trafficking. Wu Yonglin original building materials business, in 2001 began to become a pig broker.

in order to transport pigs, Wu Yonglin also bought a farm car, from time to time to send a group of piglets to the field. But these newly weaned piglets, fattening pigs to there sent to customers, often diarrhea etc., serious will also die.

then Wu Yonglin is also to buy a pig in the hands immediately after the sale, as long as there is no way to transport to the customer where the pig is still alive, but in 2003 a sale, so that he is still fresh.

Wu Yonglin said: "there is a client over"