Snack bar around the school note

we all know that the student market is very profitable, especially some business school in the vicinity of the project, such as some snack, it is very popular with the students, now ready to open a snack shop near the school should pay attention to what.

In fact,

Third, the production process does not allow students to see, or not see, must maintain a certain mystique, or over a period of time, the students will lose interest.

Fourth, to form a bustling scene. Primary school students, especially the primary school students, many are attracted by other children, they are in the process of buying, will show off to other children. Fifth, primary school students like small gifts and other things, not how much money, we must engage in such activities.

actually to some small entrepreneurs who are now ready to open a snack shop near the school is a wise choice, because in the vicinity of the school usually has a relatively high popularity, at the same time, they will have no business.


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