The three brushes in the management of the store

can be a shop business is very hot, often because the owner can master more skills. Located in the Hefei District of Shushan city Xiuning road Dan garden store, the area is not large, the decoration is not a luxury, in the Wu Ji view, business good business shop is not large, the key to a few of the brushes".

four years ago, Dan Park shop as the first batch of pilot online ordering merchants, began a new mode of online ordering. Due to the poor stability of the initial system, the boss really experienced a period of time. "New things always have more or less problems, but the first pilot means that the starting point is higher than others. Through this system, I have mastered the channels of access to information!" Ji boss said.

now, the "new business" online ordering system has become an indispensable tool in the management of Ji boss, login "new business" to see the relevant information is an essential part of his daily business. "New business not only broadened my horizons, but also let me learn a lot of knowledge and skills of brand promotion. Now I come to the new product to grab orders, not afraid to sell, because I know the brand knowledge, know how to promote. Remember ‘Changbai Mountain (ginseng)’ just listed, I sold a dozen a week!" The boss said excitedly.

adhere to the "new business", learning on cigarette knowledge, has become the first "business boss Ji brush".

The end of

2012, Dan Park shop became the first batch of "6S" for businesses to improve the image of the terminal. Do 6S terminal image, the most critical is the store clean and tidy display. To this end, the boss every day to adhere to clean and clean the store, but at the counter and the shelves of the joints, it is difficult to clean with a rag. Later, the client manager recommended him to use the electric brush, directly to the dust, debris sucked out, save time and effort than before. At the end of 2013, Dan Park store "6S" image enhancement was unanimously approved, was identified as the first batch of Shushan district modern terminal.

adhere to the daily cleaning and maintenance, keep the store clean and healthy to become the boss of the second brush".

In June

2013, the Hefei tobacco companies began to promote the "emblem Ying e" system, requires retailers to sell cigarettes and scan code to ensure the coherence of system data and the actual inventory, prepare for the next step to achieve online distribution. Dan park stores became the first "eat crab" businesses.

Others insist that "

scan code of trouble, but I have three scan code not to regard it as right, role: one is I through the system to understand the sales and inventory in real time, no longer time-consuming inventory; two is the scan code sold to customers a sense of security, no longer suspected counterfeit cigarettes; three is through the system analysis of sales can be seen the cigarette business of my state, can help me do the purchase decision." The boss said clearly. >